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When Reality TV Becomes Reality

Early this morning, Donald J. Trump became the President-elect, surprising markets, investors and citizens around the world. If you are trying to put some rational framework on this outcome, I ask you to reread my latest commentary-“Turning the Page”-which highlights the Fourth Turning concept, which resonated with me in light of the populist trends emerging across the developed world. While it does not provide answers for the potential consequences of such a seismic change in... Read more »

Threshold Group adds Kyle Mylius, CFA as Director, Wealth Advisory, West Coast

Seattle – Threshold Group (, a leading family-owned wealth management firm and family office, has added Kyle Mylius, CFA as a Director, Wealth Advisory, serving West Coast clients from the Seattle office. Mylius brings more than 25 years of experience working in the asset management and wealth advisory business, much of that involving impact investing, a central theme for many Threshold Group clients. Most recently, he was a Lead Advisor with The Caprock Group, where, for... Read more »

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Parenting Mantra Cards

Financial Parenting Mantras  Be a good role model • Practice makes perfect and it’s hard work • Have 100 1-minute conversations rather than one 100-minute conversation • Be intentional (active) rather than just having intent (passive)... Read more »

Family-Owned Properties

Considerations for Successful Governance   Crafting a plan to maintain a property for the enjoyment of multiple family members and generations depends on a number of variables including the property at hand, the family goals, and the... Read more »