Everybody Wins

This is a big deal for us, and it’s right there in our core values; it’s item #3 between Courageous Relationships and a 100-Year View:

Shared Learning.

Threshold Group was born with the mission to learn and serve alongside other families with similar interests, values, and needs. Then and now, we want to be a resource for families, individuals, and foundations who are ready to take their impact to the next level, as well as for those who are not sure where to start, much less what questions to ask.

For Threshold Group, and the clients we serve, learning is an ongoing process. It comes from curiosity, exploration, listening, success, failure, and sharing. Shared learning makes an entire community stronger, vibrant, and sustainable.

And we’re committed to it. Here are some things we’ve learned and would like to share.

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Making Impact Investing Local

11/4/2015 - START: NOVEMBER 04, 2015 10:00AMEND: NOVEMBER 04, 2015 10:45AM Big Path Capital Presents Train Stop Tour - Pacific Northwest. Making Impact Investing Local Overview: Leveraging one of the largest... Read more »

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When Reality TV Becomes Reality

Early this morning, Donald J. Trump became the President-elect, surprising markets, investors and citizens around the world. If you are trying to put some rational framework on this outcome, I ask you to reread my latest commentary-“Turning the Page”-which highlights the Fourth Turning concept, which resonated with me in light of the populist trends emerging across the developed world. While it does not provide answers for the potential consequences of such a seismic change in... Read more »

Threshold Group adds Kyle Mylius, CFA as Director, Wealth Advisory, West Coast

Seattle – Threshold Group (, a leading family-owned wealth management firm and family office, has added Kyle Mylius, CFA as a Director, Wealth Advisory, serving West Coast clients from the Seattle office. Mylius brings more than 25 years of experience working in the asset management and wealth advisory business, much of that involving impact investing, a central theme for many Threshold Group clients. Most recently, he was a Lead Advisor with The Caprock Group, where, for... Read more »

Founding member of Greater Philadelphia region’s impact investing ecosystem, arrives from Wharton Social Impact Initiative

Philadelphia -- Threshold Group (, a leading family-owned wealth management firm and family office, has added Jacob Gray as Managing Director, Impact Investing based in Philadelphia, a region in which Threshold Group’s presence and renown within the impact investor community has expanded significantly over the past year. This team building continues to advance Threshold Group’s substantial impact investing capabilities. Impact investing accomplishmentsWith more than 20 years in the impact investing field, Gray is a seasoned venture... Read more »

ImpactPHL solidifies Philadelphia as a center for social enterprise

Ben Franklin Technology Partners SEPASeptember 16, 2016 In July, an alliance of organizations, investors and entrepreneurs launched ImpactPHL, an initiative to strengthen and grow Philadelphia’s impact economy. It’s a growing movement in which for-profit enterprises work to address significant social or environmental needs. View the full article, ImpactPHL solidifies Philadelphia as a center for social enterprise. Read more »

Regarding the Brexit Referendum

The people of the United Kingdom (UK) have cast their votes in a national referendum (universally called "Brexit") on European Union (EU) membership and, by a simple majority, have decided to leave. The movement to leave a consortium of European states is not new for the UK. It started almost immediately after they joined the precursor to the EU, the European Economic Community (EEC), in 1973. Fortunately, our generally risk sensitive positioning should help mitigate... Read more »

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