Brad Harrison

Impact Investing Strategist

It’s an amazing thing to use the power of capital markets to generate real social and environmental change that is community driven and scientifically grounded.

For Brad Harrison, the opportunity to join Threshold Group’s world-class investment research team was a way to integrate science into the institutional research process. Brad focuses on strategic impact investing initiatives such as low-carbon portfolio management and investment opportunities that generate positive outcomes for people and the planet.

Professional Portfolio
  • (2016–Present) Impact Investing Strategist, Threshold Group
  • (2013–2016) Mission-Related Investment Analyst, Threshold Group
  • (2015–Present) Impact Strategist, Threshold Group
Education and Affiliations
  • MEM Degree, Environmental Management, Yale University
  • BS Degree, Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
  • Consultant, Private Equity Strategist, Environmental Organizations
  • Director, PCC Farmland Trust
  • Partner, Social Venture Partners (SVP)
  • Guest Speaker, Global Impact Investing Network
  • Guest Speaker, Confluence Philanthropy
  • Guest Speaker, Social Venture Partners (SVP)
  • Guest Speaker, Environmental Grant Makers
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