Do the right thing.”


George Russell once wrote that to be a successful businessperson, you first need to be a person. By that he meant a person with integrity―one who doesn’t preach it, but lives it. “Do the right thing,” he said. And do it every day.

Founded by George and Jane Russell, Threshold Group is an independent wealth management company serving individuals, multigenerational families, and foundations in Philadelphia, Seattle, and San Francisco. Today, Threshold Group is owned by three generations of the Russell family.

We support the goals, issues, people, and communities our clients care about most to help them lead ever-more-fulfilling lives. In addition to a traditional goals-based-investing focus, we also believe that impact investing can be a force for social good in the world. Read more about impact investing initiatives here.

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If we’re bullish about anything, it’s integrity. In fact, it’s nonnegotiable.

Goals-Based Investment Philosophy

At Threshold Group, we provide customized plans and strategies, institutional-quality research, and a goals-based investment approach that zeros in on the unique passions, interests, and needs of each client.

We’re equal parts thought leaders and thought listeners. Our strategies and solutions bring perspective, vision, and sustainability so that each plan can go beyond financial returns to results that matter most to you. 

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