Impact Investing

Re-defining the possibilities of impact investing.

You can’t have it both ways. Or so went the school of thought about the choice between investing to make money and investing for the betterment of an organization, region, or mission.  

Today, the notion of investing in both―at once―is more than reasonable. In fact, it virtually defines social impact investing, a driving force within today’s rising tide of social entrepreneurship. At Threshold Group, we use our innovative social impact investing methodologies to help align your investments with interests that matter most to you―all with the intent of generating not only measurable impact on your interests, but also on your financial goals.

We offer a comprehensive impact investing practice to individuals, families, non-profits, foundations and endowments delivered through the following services:

  • Impact Investment Strategy Development and Goalsetting:Threshold Group utilizes our proprietary Impact Investor Profile to design an investment solution tailored around the unique mission, values and long-term investment objectives of each client.
  • Goals-Based Investing Philosophy: Threshold provides objective investment advice on asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction, and portfolio management.
  • Full Portfolio Activation: We can activate impact across an entire portfolio, enabling impact and financial goals to move in lockstep.
  • Social and Environmental Impact Reporting: Our impact reports are custom made for each client.
  • Divest / Invest and Carbon Auditing: Threshold is a leader in the design and implementation of fossil fuel and carbon divestment initiatives.
  • Shareholder Engagement: We help facilitate shareholder resolutions and proxy voting on topics ranging from climate change to human rights to political spending.
  • Collaboration and Peer-Learning: Our clients are like-minded in their pursuit of community building and impact investing, facilitated through strategic partnerships with impact investment industry groups and investor networks.

Threshold Group works with individuals, families, foundations, non-profits and endowments to express their mission and values through comprehensive impact investment solutions. After nine years as a pioneer in this rapidly evolving field, over one-third of Threshold Group’s approximately $2.8 billion in assets under management is directed towards impact investing. (AUM data as-of December 31,2015)

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You can view a larger version of the Impact Investing Timeline here.


Your Impact Investing Expert Team

Threshold Group has built a unique investment management and research team and capabilities focused on developing thematic investment platforms, and systems geared towards our impact investing clients. The firm's entire research team is fully integrated in terms of impact investing responsibilities versus most competitors that have created impact teams separate from their traditional peers. Our subject matter experts within the impact investing field bring many years of experience, including in impact fund due diligence, strategy, impact measurement and reporting, having worked with funds, foundations, academic institutions and family offices, in the United States, Europe and Emerging Markets. Within our team of 12 investment professionals, the following have exceptional professionals have distinguished themselves in the impact industry.

Stephanie Cohn Rupp, Managing Director and Head of Impact Investing, MSc, MPA – Stephanie brings over 17 years of global impact investing experience, working with foundations, non-profits, and families around designing and implementing their theory of change. She leads the impact investing strategy at Threshold Group with Ron Albahary, our Chief Investment Officer. Stephanie also leads all impact investing client relationship on the West Coast. [email protected]

Jacob Gray, Managing Director, Impact Investing – Jacob is an impact strategist, venture capital fund manager, entrepreneur and researcher, joining Threshold in September 2016, from the Wharton Social Impact Initiative. At Wharton, his work focused on establishing Wharton's role as a clear leader among peer institutions in the impact investing field, building a student-run impact investment VC fund and assessing the financial performance of private equity impact funds among other responsibilities. At Threshold Group, he leads our impact investing work and impact investing client relationships on the East Coast. [email protected]

Brad Harrison, Impact Strategist, M.E.M. – Brad is an impact investing strategist who leads our global environmental sustainability thematic focus and place-based agenda through our new “Invest NW” platform.  Through this, he focusses on the design of carbon divestment strategies and research of low-carbon reinvestment opportunities within clean technology, sustainable forestry and agriculture, land and water conservation. Through Invest NW, he focusses on investment opportunities that lead to sustainable environments, equitable communities, and responsible economies in the Pacific Northwest. [email protected]

Ben Kalman, Impact Senior Analyst, CFA – Ben leads our Financial Wellness thematic work, which includes affordable housing, financial inclusion, mobile banking, fintech and more. He has significant experience in due diligence of private equity funds with the “double bottom line”. Ben works across multiple ESG and impact themes. [email protected]

Anisa Dougherty, Impact Analyst, MPA – Anisa Dougherty, Impact Analyst, MPA –Anisa works across multiple ESG and impact themes while leading Threshold’s thematic work in Education, covering early childhood education, K-12, post-secondary and workforce development investments. Anisa has extensive experience working with impact investing strategy consulting firms and foundations. [email protected]

Mark deVries, Director of Manager Research, CFA, CAIA – Mark serves as the Director of Manager Research for Threshold Group. Based in the Philadelphia office, Mark is responsible for overseeing Threshold Group's research analysis team, which evaluates and selects managers that will serve Threshold Group clients. He also leads the effort on domestic equity mandates, including manager research and ongoing due diligence. Additional responsibilities include quantitative and qualitative analysis in regards to portfolio construction and asset class allocation. [email protected]

Alex Hokanson, Director of Asset Allocation Strategies, CFA, FRM – Alex focuses on asset allocation and risk management as well as research on global equities, real asset and alternative investment strategies. Prior to joining Threshold Group, Alex spent ten years at SEI Investments in a variety of roles. Most recently he spent the last three and a half years in investment research and due diligence with SEI’s Alternative Investments team. At SEI, he covered the universes of long/short equity managers, global macro managers, and liquid alternatives strategies. He was also involved in the development of quantitative risk management processes and hedge fund asset allocation methodologies. [email protected]

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Invest NW™: Threshold Group’s Place-Based Platform

At Threshold Group, impact investing speaks to the very heart of our commitment to advance and sustain the communities where we and our clients live, work, and play. With our place-based platform we call Invest NW, we can direct investments focused on the social, environmental, and regional economic development of the Northwest. Download a PDF about Invest NW



Collaborations are important, powerful, and run deep at Threshold Group. We partner with leading foundations and pioneers in impact investing that share common beliefs and goals.

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Trucost: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint 

In a world of diminishing natural resources and increasing environmental regulations, Threshold Group has initiated research into strategies that can address carbon exposure risk. The ultimate goal is to reduce the carbon footprints in the portfolios of those clients who wish to do so. Threshold Group has partnered with environmental data experts Trucost not only to assess the carbon exposure level of portfolios but also to find innovative solutions for reinvestment. 


Threshold Group is a proud sponsor of Toniic - a global community of impact investors - mostly comprised of families and individuals.

Investor's Circle

Investors' Circle is the largest and most active early-stage impact investing network. Together with hundreds of angels, venture capitalists, foundations, and family offices, we have propelled nearly $200 million into over 300 enterprises dedicated to improving the environment, education, health and community.

Global Impact Investing Network

As an early member of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), Threshold Group has access to a diverse global community of organizations interested in deepening their engagement with the impact investment industry.

As You Sow

We are proud sponsors of As You Sow. Founded in 1992, As You Sow promotes environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacycoalition building, and innovative legal strategies. These efforts create large-scale systemic change by establishing sustainable and equitable corporate practices.

Confluence Philanthropy

Confluence Philanthropy promotes environmental sustainability and social justice by helping to move philanthropy in the direction of mission-aligned investing. Their international network of mission-aligned investors, which represents nearly $500 billion in assets under management, includes private, public, and community foundations; individual donors; and their investment firms.

Mission Investor's Exchange

Mission Investors Exchange (MIE) is the leading voice for philanthropy and mission-aligned investors in the impact investing market. A national network of over 250 foundations and affiliate members, MIE offers a robust platform for sharing tools and best practices, empowers foundations and other investors to take bolder steps to align their assetswith mission, provides access to investment opportunities, and promotes the policy and market conditions necessary to grow the impact investingfield.

To our clients, impact investing is a lever of change. Capital markets are catalyzed to promote scalable solutions to social and environmental challenges. At Threshold Group, we define impact investing as the practice of intentionally seeking measurable social or environmental outcomes alongside financial returns.

Our impact investing approach is powered by the same investment philosophy and analytical processes that we use to build conventional portfolios. It’s in our DNA. Threshold Group was founded and continues to be owned by the Russell family, which created the global investment services firm known today as Russell Investments. The Russell firm, commonly recognized for its stock indices, built its core competency based on decades of fiercely independent evaluation of investment managers.

For more information on Threshold Group’s impact investing services, contact:

Stephanie Cohn-Rupp 
Managing Director, Impact Investing 
[email protected] 

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