Individuals & Families

A goals-based approach to Investing for Individuals and Families

Our goals-based financial planning services start with your individual needs. We’ll listen to you and talk with you until we gain a thorough understanding of where you want to go. We want to see your vision and understand what meaningful results look like to you. Only then can we develop customized, dynamic, and long-term strategies that can help you achieve those results.

Threshold’s unique specialty lies in developing innovative investment ideas that are layered into our asset allocation strategies. Central to this approach is our focus on accumulating wealth over time by creatively taking advantage of a basic principle of mathematics: the power of compounding; simple in concept yet difficult in practice.

Investment Management Services for Individuals and Families

Threshold Group does not offer investment products. We provide fully independent and objective investment advice on asset allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction, and portfolio management with a focus on the needs of individuals, families, and family foundations.

Our portfolio toolkit is deep, and our expertise extends across asset classes and to both traditional and alternative investment strategies. Additionally, for clients with an impact focus, we have a distinctive history in impact investing that includes regional and place-based investing.

The Human Aspect 

At Threshold Group, we consider the human element when designing your portfolio and managing your investments. And while we apply discipline to our thinking, we are unconstrained and pay less attention to the label of an asset class or strategy and more attention to how it can complement the rest of the portfolio.

We find healthy skepticism to trends and results to be a good thing too. Better that we put more emphasis on creating solutions that offer complementary risk-and-return exposures, which involves favoring managers that can be nimble and adaptive to mitigate risk.


We’re not like economists (or weather forecasters). We hold ourselves accountable for achieving the desired results—maximizing the probability that you can achieve your goals.


Our professionals have decades of experience working with clients who have sold legacy businesses or a stake in a family business. This has helped us become particularly skilled at mitigating the risk of emotional decision making.


We don’t chase performance. We build a strategy designed to preserve and grow wealth for generations.


Threshold Group puts people first, and we view financial issues through that lens. We care about our clients, and we believe that it shows in our investment approach.

1. Set Goals

  • Articulate goals / dreams
  • Define success
  • Identify issues / challenges
  • Develop full financial picture
  • Groundwork for planning

2. Invest

  • Analyze & evaluate goal feasibility
  • Construct and test portfolios by goal
  • Stress test individual sense of risk
  • Test portfolios for each goal

3. Implement

  • Evaluate managers
  • Infuse investment themes
  • Define outcomes-based building blocks
  • Mixing of ingredients (managers)
  • Adaptive portfolio management

4. Evaluate

  • Consolidate performance
  • Interpret results
  • Monitor progress
  • Evaluate risks & opportunities
  • Manage dynamically
  • Key metric for success: goal achievement
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