Trust and estate planning that takes a longer view.

Narrowly defined, a legacy is a gift, often a bequest. At Threshold Group, we define legacy with a broader stroke and a longer view: a 100-year view. We believe a proper trust and estate planning requires values and a vision to grow. So Threshold Group legacy planners bring both heads and hearts to the table to help turn your mission and values into a vision. We’ll work with your family to develop a customized plan that is true to that vision—one that strives to meet your stated goals, and is designed to be sustainable for generations to come.

A legacy needs something else to breathe: access. With access, a legacy can be shared and used to inspire action and advancement, as well as reflection. Access can also help foster respect for the heritage embodied within. Connect with us to learn more about our Seattle and Philadelphia trust and estate planning services.

Legacy Planning Services

  • Individual or family values, mission, and vision development
  • Family governance programs and oversight
  • Wealth education for multiple generations
  • Access to Community Square peer learning and support
  • Coaching and access to family facilitators and topical educators
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