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We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do maintain a space that might help you find them; a space for people to share experiences and stories, engaging in lifelong learning with like-minded individuals.

It’s a space we call Community Square. Created for and inspired by families, Community Square is a collaborative forum and educational resource for members. It strives to raise awareness and deepen knowledge within an engaged community searching for both meaningful conversations and deeper connections.

Ultimately, voices that emanate from Community Square speak less about wealth and more about well-being, and the positive impact we can create in the world around us.


Watch Threshold Group leaders Kristen Bauer and Kate Donnelly talk about Community Square.




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Finding Fulfillment Along the Path, Not Just at its End

Threshold Group recently invited Shawn Achor to kick off our Community Square retreat in sunny Florida. Achor, who studies positive psychology and wrote The Happiness Advantage, spoke to the group about leading fulfilling lives by applying scientific findings and principles.

Student Outreach: Finding Meaning Behind the Numbers

Our Philly office team recently went back to school and taught a range of finance topics to a group of tweens and teens who were hungry to learn. As part of a shared learning experience with Community Partnership School (CPS), the eight of us “teachers” learned a ton ourselves; in fact, we can’t wait do it again. It was a lot of fun and we can’t think of a better way to serve our community with the skills and experience that we possess.