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Business Briefing Podcast: Ed Lazar - Part 1 About Threshold Group history, vision, and mission.


Every Sunday at 4:00pm, Brian Bushlach brings the “voice of the private sector” to KXL. Business Briefing is all about business, from mom & pops to major retailers. Brian goes in-depth each week to share success stories, challenges, and visions from our local business leaders. The engaging first hour is followed by another hour of expert insight from top economists, CPA’s, attorneys and bankers to help our audience of business owner and decision makers navigate these challenging times.

In this episode, Brian interviews Ed Lazar, President at Threshold Group. Part 1 of 2. Ed Lazar discusses Threshold Group's vision and mission, the Russell family legacy, and how Threshold Group grew from being a single family office to a multi-family wealth advisory firm.