Resources for Families

Parenting Mantra Cards

Financial Parenting Mantras  Be a good role model • Practice makes perfect and it’s hard work • Have 100 1-minute conversations rather than one 100-minute conversation • Be intentional (active) rather than just having intent (passive) • Nagging builds values • Set your child up for economic self defense • Look for teachable moments • Money usually isn’t real until there’s accountability associated with it • Transparency builds relationships Download the PDF Read more »

Family-Owned Properties

Considerations for Successful Governance   Crafting a plan to maintain a property for the enjoyment of multiple family members and generations depends on a number of variables including the property at hand, the family goals, and the dynamics between family members. There are a number of categories and issues to consider in planning for a family-owned property: Ownership vehicleConveyance of propertyDecision making proceduresCash flow and bill payExpense contributionsMaintenance plansSchedule for useInsurance, mortgage, taxesAbility of members to sell interest in... Read more »

Tiedemann Advisors

Threshold Group is Now a Part of Tiedemann Advisors

A Q+A with Mike Tiedemann: “The Future of the Threshold + Tiedemann Partnership”

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