A Q+A with Mike Tiedemann: “The Future of the Threshold + Tiedemann Partnership”

Below are questions that were recently posed to Mike Tiedemann, CEO of Tiedemann Wealth Management about the upcoming partnership with Threshold Group. Why did Tiedemann decide to partner with Threshold Group? Mike Tiedemann:  There is a strong cultural fit and values alignment between our two firms, and that is always the most critical factor when considering any inorganic expansion of a partnership.  It wasn’t lost on us that both firms were started by families - George and... Read more »

ImpactPHL solidifies Philadelphia as a center for social enterprise

Ben Franklin Technology Partners SEPASeptember 16, 2016 In July, an alliance of organizations, investors and entrepreneurs launched ImpactPHL, an initiative to strengthen and grow Philadelphia’s impact economy. It’s a growing movement in which for-profit enterprises work to address significant social or environmental needs. View the full article, ImpactPHL solidifies Philadelphia as a center for social enterprise. Read more »

INTERVIEW: Threshold Group’s CIO On Impact Investing Trends In Wealth Management

Eliane Chavagnon, Editor - Family Wealth ReportJanuary 29, 2016 Family Wealth Report spoke to the chief investment officer at Threshold Group about the firm’s latest thoughts on impact investing. The field of impact investing is mushrooming as companies and individuals the world over intensify their focus on global sustainability and the environment generally. The total amount of US-domiciled assets under management using SRI strategies expanded by 76 per cent from $3.74 trillion at the start of 2012 to $6.57 trillion... Read more »