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The Fed Has Finally Been Trumped

There isn’t a day that has passed since the November U.S. presidential election that Mr. Trump, now President Trump, has not dominated the headlines.  Avid readers of this commentary over the years will acknowledge that I had grown weary of the omnipresence of the Federal Reserve and the vast shadow it has cast on the capital markets, compelling me to write about it far too often. Well, it appears the Fed is not nearly as relevant in this Twitter regime we... Read more »

Turning the Page

As I enter my 27th year in the investment business, my appreciation for the importance of having experienced multiple market cycles grows with every bit of noise or new context being promoted by the omnipresent media. At the risk of sounding like an elder statesman, the many market “at-bats” have helped my ability to filter out the noise, providing some level of clarity regarding relevant longer term trends. While I am not suggesting that I... Read more »

Brexit Stage Left

You have heard the term for months; some investors had little idea what it meant, and most of the media talking heads downplayed it. Yes, I am referring to "Brexit," one of 2016's most annoying and overused terms that is an acronym for "Britain's exit" from the European Union (EU). We knew that the vote would occur in June, but whether it was wishful thinking, a "head in the sand" mentality, or just very poor... Read more »

Good Times

As a child of the ‘70’s who used TV as an escape, I loved watching the classics such as The Odd Couple, Good Times, and All in The Family.  Forty years later, I am occasionally nostalgic, and will watch an episode of one of those great shows. But today, I am feeling even more nostalgic for the good old days of low market volatility but, alas, those days are gone. The perceived omnipotence of monetary policy or... Read more »

Knowing How to Flex When Playing the Game of Risk

Over the recent holiday season I was again reminded how much I enjoyed playing board games as a kid. One game in particular was a favorite—the game of Risk (now, produced by Hasbro). If you ever played this amazingly simple, but equally addictive game, you may recall the primary tactical decision is either to attack or to fortify one’s defenses. While we are not targeting global domination at Threshold Group, we see the “game” of... Read more »

Isn’t Hurricane Season Fun?

As I sit here awaiting the potential impact of Hurricane Joaquin, less than three years after Sandy made her presence known in a devastating way, I can’t help but believe that investors have felt as though their portfolios have been blindsided by a category 4 hurricane.  The feeling of devastation has been primarily fueled by the financial news media that treats any downside volatility in the same manner that the weather news media trumps up... Read more »

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