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Cultivating Well-being through Financial Education

We recently hosted an event in Seattle with Nathan Dungan from Share Save Spend®. Nathan helps families align their values with their money decisions. View an overview video of the event and see how Threshold Group can help you educate the next generation. 

Video Transcript: Cultivating Wellbeing through Financial Education

Nathan Dungan: I love this topic of money. For me it’s just something I’ve always been really passionate about. And I view the topic of money through a lens of not just always about accumulation or preservation, wealth preservation. I view it really as an opportunity to really augment what we care about in the world.

Kate Donnelly: It seems that at every Community Square gathering the topic of the next generation comes up, not surprisingly. We’re excited to partner with Nathan Dungan around this particular Community Square gathering because he’s contributed to such a body of knowledge about the culture and how it is advising our kids on how to look at money and how to spend it.

Lauren Long: By creating Community Square and having a safe space for them to talk about really intimate topics, it’s part of the holistic planning that we do at Threshold Group.

Nathan Dungan: One of the big takeaways that I hope for and really plan for as part of these experiences is that people can step into the conversation and they can understand that it’s not about being right or wrong but it’s about willing to be curious. Tonight is really about learning some new things and recognizing you have people in your corner like Threshold Group to help you on the journey.

So our children, they live in a world that values them as a consumer. So 5,000 times a day, the dominant message they hear is that their well-being is connected to spending. It’s the false narrative that when we buy we’re happier.

Kate Donnelly: We’re giving people the technical tools to manage their own money and to partner with them as they teach their kids in age-appropriate ways to manage their money.

Nathan Dungan: When you spend on experiences versus stuff your well-being goes up. Stuff is like a neutral or negative. We do it, we spend money on stuff; and experiences tends to enhance well-being. Put down your pens and just stand up and we’re going to mingle a little bit and we’re going to just step into 3 conversations.

Lauren Long: It was great to see parents really open up with their successes and their struggles surrounding building financial capabilities with their kids and just the hard discussion that comes around discussing money with their children and having them be successful young adults.

Kate Donnelly: Nathan talks a lot about how we as parents and as financial mentors can continually provide counter rhythms to that culture that is advising our children on how to use their money. And that’s so appropriate for Community Square because it’s all about having conversations and sharing stories in the ongoing topics that come up again and again in our lives as our situations evolve and how we can confront those at every turn

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